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The Practice of Yoga


Yoga is the term used to describe an entire group of various physical, mental, and spiritual practices. Together, these disciplines make up many different schools of both traditional and modern yoga. Although originating in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, a more modern version of yoga has been popularized as a daily exercise practice all over the United States.



Yoga in the Western World


When people refer to “yoga” in the United States, they are usually referring to a version of Hatha yoga, made up of using various postures, or asanas, flowing together to help boost physical fitness with an emphasis on stress-relief and relaxation. Many times, this yoga also incorporates breathing exercises during the session, with a meditation period at the end of the physical activity.


This differs from traditional yoga that was practiced by various Eastern religions in that traditional yoga had a focus on the meditation aspect, helping to further your consciousness and release yourself from worldly attachments and ideals.
An increase in worldly travel in the 1960s really helped to spread this modern form of yoga as Westerners to traveling to the East and brought the practice back home with them. 


There were also Indian Gurus who would travel to the West and teach the practice. There was also a spiritual awakening in the 1960s that had many people seeking alternatives to many organized religions. This more modern version of yoga was very attractive to those not looking to dedicate themselves to the strict requirements of traditional yoga like practicing celibacy and studying Hindu scriptures.


Yoga has become a piece of popular culture and commercialized in many countries around the world, and yoga classes and can be easily found in almost every community in the united states, with yoga accessories and merchandise in stores and online.


Health Benefits of Yoga


Despite it’s massive and growing popularity, yoga and it’s effectiveness on total body health remains vastly understudied. However, there have been certain studies with promising results as well as plenty of anecdotal evidence that supports the healing benefits and impact of yoga on your health.

Yoga used as physical exercise helps to improve general health and build core muscle systems. The various asanas also help to build balance and flexibility. There has also been moderate amounts of evidence that show that regular practice of yoga can also help to relieve both neck and lower back pain. The relaxing nature of yoga can even aid in reducing hypertension and even some pregnancy complications.

There is also growing evidence that yoga has a positive impact on your mental health as well! It can help to alleviate stress and anxiety, and can even help with symptoms of depression. Through the practice of mediating after going through various asanas, studies are showing that yoga can help to reduce fatigue and support sleep quality. Yoga can even help cancer patients and elderly individuals improve their quality of life and general attitudes towards life’s outcomes.


Yoga in the Himalayan Salt Cave


Yoga in itself has many benefits, but when you practice yoga inside of one of our state-of-the-art Himalayan Salt Caves, you add on all of the benefits of Salt Therapy. While you do the breathwork involved in yoga, you breathe in the salt to help strengthen your respiratory, improving the way your lungs utilize oxygen and improving your recovery time. After your hybrid yoga and salt therapy session, you will notice your skin feels softer, healthier, and has a youthful appearance. Be sure to visit our events page to find the next available yoga class at the location nearest to you!

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