Himalayan Salt Caves

Relaxation and You

When you experience a salt cave session, not only are you reaping all of the benefits of Himalayan Salt, but relaxation in itself is incredibly important for physical and mental health. With all of the stresses of modern life mixed with day-to-day routines and worries, you should always remember to take a little time for yourself.


Cortisol “The Stress Hormone”

When feeling stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. High levels of cortisol cause a variety of health issues. It can cause anxiety and depression, lower energy levels, increase irritably, and raise blood pressure. Many people with higher levels of cortisol gain weight and develop problems with sexual health, like decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, and irregular menstrual periods.

Its no wonder stress wreaks havoc on your mental health! Simply taking the time to relax at least once a week can reduce levels of cortisol and improve your emotional well-being.

A Healthier Heart

When your body reaches a state of total relaxation, your breathing slows down and your arteries will begin to expand.. This allows deeper, fuller breaths to bring oxygen to all parts of your body. Then your muscles will ease up and release tension. Proper relaxation has been shown to help lower blood pressure, helping your heart stay healthy by reducing the risk of heart attacks.

Taking the time to relax can also help you better handle anger and frustration, which are also culprits of high blood pressure and cardiac events. Next time you feel angry, try taking a few deep breaths.

Excel in Your Professional Life

It happens to everyone at some point; feeling burnt out at work. No matter how busy you get or how many deadlines you need to meet, you should always take some time for yourself and relax. Studies have shown that taking a few minutes to relax during the day has performance-enhancing effects.

It can help to improve your motivation, attention span, and creativity. By clearing your head and taking time to relax, you gain the ability to problem solve faster and let your subconscious brain do more for you. By taking a nice deep breath and letting go of mental clutter, you also free up brain space to make new memories, which can help you to recall important information easier.


It’s easy to get caught up in life. Getting wrapped up in work, caring for others, and overwhelming yourself with endless projects… Work smarter, not harder, and give yourself the break you need. What better way then spending some time in one of our Himalayan Salt Caves?

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