Himalayan Salt Caves

Not All Salt Caves Are Created Equal

Have you ever wondered why, after visiting various salt caves or salt rooms, you experience different health benefits or feel nothing at all? The answer is simple, not all salt caves are created equal.


As the popularity of salt therapy grows, many salt caves and salt rooms are being built without a professional understanding of how salt therapy works. There are many components necessary in the construction of a salt cave that all work together. The presence of a salt generator (halogenerator) is only the beginning. This is a machine that breaks down salt into microscopic sized, ionized particles, simulating the environment of being in an active salt mine.


All salt caves must have a carefully calibrated, sophisticated climate control system in order to be effective. The system should not only be designed to prevent the spread of pathogens from person to person, but also to keep the building’s structure safe from the corrosive effects of salt. Without the proper measures being taken, true salt therapy is not being experienced, and there can be irreparable damage done to a building’s electrical and HVAC system. Poorly built salt rooms or caves that damage these systems can even pose a fire hazard!


Signs of an Effective Salt Therapy Experience

While inside the salt cave or salt room, it should not feel hot or humid. The air should feel cool and dry. If it’s not disruptive to others, try shining a flashlight at least 10 minutes into your session. You should just be able to make out tiny particles of salt evenly filling the entire space inside the cave or room. You will be able to get an effective salt therapy session from any seat or spot you choose to be inside the room.


After your salt therapy session, many people will immediately notice they can breathe easier, smell better, and have softer skin. Other things you may notice after an effective salt therapy session, would be a light taste of salt on the lips, and a very light dusting of salt on glasses and on clothes. You should not have a visible build-up of salt on clothes, as this is an indicator of having the wrong climate settings in a salt room or cave. 


Do Your Research

Before scheduling your salt therapy session, visit the facility’s website to view pictures. Many facilities will only use stock photos or just show a single wall covered in Himalayan salt. Having no pictures or only having partial pictures of the actual salt cave or salt room is an indicator that something may be wrong.


All salt therapy rooms must sustain a certain environment to function properly. Having two doors in the room, windows, a drop ceiling, or air conditioning grills in the ceiling/walls are features that should not be present in any salt room. If you see any of these, it is a sure sign that the room was not professionally constructed, and you will not have a true salt therapy experience.


Decorations such as fabrics, tree branches, and pillows should not be used inside a salt cave or salt room, as they can break down from the salt and become airborne allergens. Learn as much as you can about a facility to ensure a safe and effective salt therapy session.


We, as the owners of Oceanair Himalayan Salt Cave, take pride in properly built salt caves and the health benefits they provide. You should too!

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